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ProChannel – Ric Molina Group

  • Release date: 2013-07-20
  • Label: Gutshot Media

“The title of the song came from the website where I saw helmet cam footage of a soldier pinned down by enemy fire in Afghanistan. The riff came to me as I was improvising with my looper pedal and I was thinking about Jimi’s Band of Gypsies album and the song, “Who Knows?” The shifting rhythms under the melody in the bridge remind me of this soldier losing his footing on the side of the hill while ducking gunfire and calling out to his comrades nearby. It’s a harrowing portrait of the individual’s experience in modern warfare.” Ric Molina

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Listen & Free Download

From the soon to be released @Dreamland, the debut studio recording of the RicMolinaGroup, ProChannel will be available for free download at until August 31st 2013.

Ric Molina – guitars
Samir Zarif – soprano & tenor saxophone
Ted Baker – piano & keyboards
Fima Ephron – acoustic & electric bass
Dan Pugach – drums & percussion
Recorded March 2013 at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY
Michael Judeh (Dubway Studios) – chief engineer, mixing
Fima Ephron – producer, mixing
Michael Fossenkemper (TurtleTones Studios) – mastering
Matt Wolf – executive producer