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@Dreamland – RicMolinaGroup

  • Release date: 2013-08-25
  • Label: Gutshot Media

“At Dreamland is a very well put together recording, boasting impeccable playing and production plus a great batch of very intricate and incredibly personal compositions. A joy to listen to.”

Miguel Zenon

“@Dreamland” is a moving and ethereal experience and can be appreciated by many audiences. It is simultaneously accessible and elegantly sophisticated, crafted with outstanding musicianship by every member of the band…”

Hidayat Honari

@Dreamland is the debut studio recording of the RicMolinaGroup featuring a collection of the original compositions of guitarist, Ric Molina, an eclectic music that combines elements of rock, jazz, classical and folk music in a collective improvisational setting. Produced by longtime friend, Fima Ephron with executive producer Matt Wolf, this debut album is the first album of Ric Molina as a leader and highlights the wide spectrum of artistic expression by the guitarist & composer.

Ric Molina – guitars
Samir Zarif – soprano & tenor saxophone
Ted Baker – piano & keyboards
Fima Ephron – acoustic & electric bass
Dan Pugach – drums & percussion
Recorded March 2013 at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY
Michael Judeh (Dubway Studios) – chief engineer, mixing
Fima Ephron – producer, mixing
Michael Fossenkemper (TurtleTones Studios) – mastering
Matt Wolf – executive producer


  1. 1

    The Tree@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  2. 2

    ProChannel@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  3. 3

    Squintet@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  4. 4

    October@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  5. 5

    Blackfoot@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  6. 6

    November@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  7. 7

    Oregon@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  8. 8

    The Tree (Reprise)@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  9. 9

    Unbroken@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group

  10. 10

    Soul Secret@Dreamland - Ric Molina Group


All original music by Ric Molina / Copyright by Ric Molina / Publishing by Ric Molina and Gutshot Media (Gutshot Music, LLC) / / 225 East 49th Street, Suite 31D, New York, NY 10017 / Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law. Made in USA.