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The making of ProChannel from @Dreamland


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This is how Prochannel came about.

The tune began as I was goofing around with my EH POG pedal which is pictured below with a POCsticker across it.

I was playing my Bowery Pine Tele which was lovingly crafted from the support beams of the Chelsea Hotel renovation by the great semi-unknown luthier Rick Kelly.


I iPhoned this riff in an email to myself so I wouldn’t forget it…  

Download 20121116 093936

I developed the habit of recording anything remotely interesting and then forgetting about it.  Those were the days of tape and I had so many unmarked cassettes lying around that I put them in a couple of shoeboxes until the technology becameobsolete.  Good move.

Luckily there’s the iPhone and a million recording apps…

I brought the line to the band and they pounced on it but with no melody or changes it got boring so I went home and wrote a sax line and began developing the chords that were implied by the line.  

After a while I had an intro and a lot of music written so I recoorded a demo with midi sax to torment Samir Zarif with.  The rest of the tune appears as Prochannel_Part_2.

You can listen to the midi demo by clicking on the link below 

Download ProChannel_click

These are the scores to the intro and the body of the tune as we rehearsed it first.

Download ProChannel_intro

Download ProChannel_Part_2

That was cool but when we got to the studio the band had stripped it down and beefed it up so it got raw and a lot more fun to play.

Until next time, “what if I play it backwards, down the octave?”