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Just A Little Loving performed by Ted Greene

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I can’t get enough of Ted Greene playing solo guitar.

Here’s a gem that has been around for a while and it surprises me that nobody has taken the time to write out what he’s up to in this private party throwdown of the Dusty Springfield ballad Just A Little Lovin’ written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

Ted spent most of his life writing down everything he discovered about music and considering that he spent ALL his time thinking of music it’s no surprise that he flicks this deep subtle arrangement off in front of some folks at a birthday party.  I don’t know if it was a request or part of his program but it certainly feels like he’s fielding fodder from the gallery and he spins a beautiful yarn on this dusty little jewel.

I posted this on the Ted Greene site and here’s the introduction along with the file.

In the old days we used to labor over the turntable, listening to half speed recordings, picking the needle up and dropping it when we learned a phrase by ear.

I still believe hard won battles are the best teachers.  The more you have to struggle to gain a foothold, the more solid that advancement becomes.  So this transcription goes only so far, the rest is up to the student’s desire to get as close to the rhythmic subtlety and soulful expression that Ted Greene provides us with in this video.  The more you get the performance in your ear the more Ted reveals his commitment to keeping the groove solid and although there are fascinating moments where he suspends the time, it reveals his lightning fast thought process and the seamless way he reharmonizes the tune to add variety and surprise.

Such displays are the things we live to experience and once again we have the opportunity to sit before a master who tosses off this complex harmonic yarn with beauty and grace, even finding the time to complement the host on his furniture.  Way to go Ted!

Download “Just A Little Loving”